Thanks for stopping by the SSCS trade show booth! For the past 40 years in the convenience store and gas station business, we’ve taken a lot of pride in knowing our customers personally, and being there on the other end of the line for every business whose needs we serve.

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SSCS (Service Station Computer Systems) has the most robust suite of products for convenience stores and gas stations available on the market today. Looking for a full-scale software package to manage a C-store, or a whole chain of them? The Computerized Daily Book has been doing that for our customers for decades. We have handheld apps for Deliveries and Inventory Audits, as well as Lottery Management. We have software that will help you manage Tobacco Rebates and Discounts, and a Transaction Monitoring App that lets you see what’s going on at all your registers across an entire store or enterprise.

Take a look around our website and see what we have to offer, or better yet, reach out and say hello!