Know more, manage better, and build profits with SSCS technology.


The Computerized Daily Book (CDB) SSCS’s flagship back office system, speeds up tedious paperwork while adding accuracy to calculations. It grows store profits by allowing you to exercise control over every facet of its operation. Designed for petroleum retailers and convenience store operators, the CDB has evolved to meet the needs of the modern operator, thanks to decades of input from SSCS customers, some of the most successful retailers in the world.

Transaction Analysis

The smallest details can spell the difference between c-store success and failure. Transaction Analysis helps you sift through the information processed in your c-store so nothing escapes your notice. It captures the information recorded at the store’s point-of-sale (POS) and organizes it into actionable information that can be used to maximize overall profitability and growth, accessed from any Internet-enabled device.

Central Price Book

Central Price Book (CPB) extends the functionality of the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) with cloud-based, enterprise price book control from a central location you choose. Approve, update and transfer prices to and from CDB pricing zones by percentage, margin, or dollar amount. Gatekeep unwanted changes or additions from getting into your price book. Know what item price is available ahead of time so your stores sell the right product at the right price when the items hit your store.

Other Services

SSCS is a solutions company. Here are some of the other ways we help petroleum retailers:

  • POS Data Conversions
  • Vendor Database and Locator
  • Digital Dispatch Towing Software
  • Custom Franchise Reporting
  • Business Forms Ordering

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