Sunray Cloud Hosting

We manage your software securely so you don’t have to.

The Sunray cloud hosting platform houses your software in a secure environment allowing you access anytime from any Internet-enabled device. Using a remote desktop connect (RDP), you simply connect to the Sunray log in page with a high-speed connection.

SSCS customers find the Sunray Cloud Hosting platform of much benefit as it allows them to spend more time managing their store. They don’t have to worry about installing and maintaining their software, security protocols, communications networks, and other maintenance related to SSCS technology. Once a user gets online, they can work with their programs, make updates to their data, monitor the status of their sites, view data polled from their POS system, and much, much more. Your user experience parallels that of having the programs on your local computer, including access to your information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A Cloud Computing Pioneer

SSCS was one of the first to offer cloud computing to petroleum retailers, having provided this service to its client base since March, 2000. Our seasoned technical staff understands the ins and outs of SSCS technology better than any third party could so you don’t have to spend your valuable resources on in-house staff or selecting, purchasing, installing, and maintaining equipment.

A Secure Depository for Your Business

Some of the largest oil companies in the world rely on SSCS to store their data securely, which is why SSCS has invested heavily in the infrastructure necessary to protect it, specifically:

  • SSCS provides servers and Internet access. Processing loads and system performance are continuously monitored to assure all of our customers sufficient capacity and performance.
  • SSCS maintains its own climate controlled server room that includes Storage Area Network (SAN) and multiple Sunray servers.
  • SSCS has a complete reserve server backup room ready to provide the company with additional capacity when needed.
  • SSCS has installed the same state-of-the-art fire suppression technology in both the active and reserve data centers at SSCS headquarters.

System Backup

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Surge Protectors: If a power outage occurs, SSCS remains up-and-running with its array of UPS systems, including a 250KW diesel powered generator with automatic switching.
  • Redundant Backup: In addition to the data center at our California headquarters, SSCS maintains a completely remote redundant data center in Tennessee.
  • Secure Access to Your Data—Anytime, Anywhere.

Skilled Staff

  • SSCS employs a full staff of dedicated, qualified technicians. When you need assistance, they are equipped to connect to your computer and verbally guide you through solutions to a problem as if they were next to you.
  • Our experienced staff administers the installation and ongoing maintenance of the applications, servers, databases, communications network, firewalls, etc. that make up the Sunray cloud hosting solution.
  • The sales representative with whom you have worked from the beginning will be there for you through the installation process and beyond. This professional is trained in the operation of our products and can assist in troubleshooting, installing upgrades and more.

What It Means to Our Customers

  • Workstations that can interface with the internet and the computers and devices connected to it.
  • Systems that can connect to Sunray Cloud Computing through the Internet to back up data and access e-mails/invoices from wholesalers, with the ability to send general ledger information to accounting.
  • Assurance of virtually trouble-free maintenance and secure storage of data online.
  • Easy access to software at all times.
  • More time with customers, vendors, merchandising reps, and marketing reps.
  • Peace of mind from knowing data is safe and secure.
  • Bottom line: Sunray users gain flexibility and a competitive advantage.