Support Tools

Optimizing responsiveness to customers.

We provide our software support team a robust tool set that compliments their expertise and allows them to be optimally responsive and effective.

Automated call tracking.

SSCS has invested in and created call dispatching software tailored for the specific needs of our call center. It tracks each call, assigns a case number to it and provides a simple way for the support department to document all history pertaining to it. Management can review and generate reports by customer, call type, technician and response time, feedback we use to continually improve the service we deliver.

Remote access to your computer.

With your permission, SSCS technicians can establish a connection with your computer, see exactly what you are seeing and, when possible, perform the diagnostics necessary to get you up-and-running again. This remote access software helps assure that our technicians never “fly blind” when analyzing the details of your problems. You don’t have to worry about describing computer behavior—we are looking right at your system!

Timely software upgrades on a regular basis.

Under the terms of our support agreement, all upgrades to the existing programs you have licensed are included at no additional charge. We generally upgrade programs at least once per year—however, upgrades can be more frequent as they are often based on the demand or necessity for changes. Registered SSCS users gain access to a Product Version page that shows all the enhancements that have been included in their latest software builds and how to request product upgrades.

Continuous improvement.

SSCS support technicians work to master a range of skills: system installation, software maintenance, training, Register/Point of Sale Conversions, and many other functions that relate to customer needs. Collectively they are well-versed in all SSCS products, and enroll in continuous internal education to make sure they improve their knowledge of the complete cross-section of SSCS solutions.