Generate optimum revenue with Mix & Match and Combo Promotions.

Mix and match sales and combo promotions are a revenue stream integral to your store’s health, but their impact is sometimes difficult to determine and they can be a hassle to administrate. The CDB helps you get a handle on what promotions are doing for your store by including true mix and match/combo promotion management. This CDB module can be set up and managed from any device with Internet access, so your items will ring up at the right price at the POS without additional work on your part.

Tired of trying to create PLUs for promotions? Difficult to remember when they start and end? Would you like to track the item level sales of these promotions and their results? Multi-item promotion management can help you:

  • Make good pricing decisions from anywhere.
  • Determine the effectiveness of a promotion using clear, actionable reporting.
  • Improve inventory control because each item sold in the promotion is recorded accurately the first time; adjustments do not have to be made after the fact.

In addition to the benefits listed above, the CDB’s multi-item promotion module offers the following advantages:

  • Easy set up and modification of promotions from any PC running the CDB, enabling pricing decisions to be made from anywhere.
  • Clear and accurate reporting that enables the user to determine the effectiveness of the promotion.
  • Enhanced inventory control, as each item sold in the promotion is recorded accurately; adjustments do not have to be made after the fact, reducing human error and increasing the accuracy of line item sales reports.