Stable, yet compact, SSCS creates long-term careers.

SSCS has been a leader in the field of retail petroleum automation since 1981, developing technology solutions for convenience stores, gas stations, and automotive repair facilities. Our steady growth and stability combined with our commitment to improve products and services make us a great place to build a career, which is why our team members stay with us for the long term.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds.

SSCS offers the fast pace and excitement of an entrepreneurial company with the legacy and security of an established enterprise. In business since 1981, we create and implement software solutions that address the rapidly changing needs of our client base, nearly 15,000 dealer locations in all.

Contribute Sooner Rather than Later.

As an SSCS employee you’ll make a direct contribution to our products and services and get the first-hand satisfaction of seeing the results. Our compact size fosters collaboration among employees, and encourages direct feedback from the customers we serve. An answer to a question or access to a knowledgeable opinion will always take a minimum of time.

A Winning Combination

SSCS recognizes our employees are our most important assets. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and great career growth. This recipe for success has proven difficult for our employees to resist: 70% of us have been here 5 years or more; 50% 10 years or more; and 30% 15 years or more. Retention statistics like these tell the tale—we’re a great place to consider carving out a career. Looking for a winning combination? Consider being part of the SSCS team of professionals.

Current job openings:

SSCS Human Resources
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Service Station Computer Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As such, we are required by U.S. federal and state laws to provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants without regard to race, color, sex, national origin status, age, marital status, veteran status or disability.