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User guides, videos, and more.

Customer Portal

User your Sunray username and password to log into the Customer Portal at and learn how to master every aspect of SSCS software.

Popular Portal Resources

Learning how to use our handheld hardware and software is a huge part of mastering the SSCS suite of software and applications. Whether you need help rebooting a unit, have a detailed question about the system’s functionality, or a new clerk who’s just learning how to use the software for the first time, we have many videos and other resources available on our scanning solutions.

Handheld Quick Fixes
Scanning for Clerks
Direct Store Deliveries
Physical Inventories
Singles and Multipacks (Handheld)
Singles and Multipacks (CDB)

Singles and multipacks are tricky part of any retail business’ inventory. Gas stations and convenience stores most commonly have items like 6-packs of soda and cartons of cigarettes. These are two different kinds of multipacks, but our system is built to accomodate them. The links below contain all the essential information you need to know about singles and multipacks in order to use SSCS software and applications.

Singles and Multipacks (Handheld)
Singles and Multipacks (CDB)
Direct Store Deliveries
Physical Inventories
Using Item Adjustment
Printing Barcodes

Days and shifts are important mechanisms that the CDB uses to store and process information about what’s going on at your busness, adn what’s going through your cash registers. The videos below walk you through many topics related to Days and Shifts, from the very basics all the way up to the CDB’s End of Month process.

Coordinating Days and Shifts
Getting Caught Up with Shifts
Combining Multiple Register Shifts
The Post2CDB Window
Daily Work Series
Ending Your Month

From fuel deliveries, to keeping an eye on profit margins, underground storage tank over and short amounts, and the sometimes tricky issue of gross and net delivery measurements, managing fuel at a convenience store can be pretty tricky. The Help videos below walk you through all the major parts of the SSCS fuel management system.

Processing a Fuel Delivery
Troubleshooting Fuel Deliveries
Fuel Sales
Managing Your Fuel Inventory
Using Shift Reports
Ending Your Month