Flat LogoTransaction Analysis

Go mobile. Available separately, or as part of the CDB package, Transaction Analysis is a cross-platform application that tracks all the transactions taking place at your business. Monitor what's happening onsite - officially and unofficially. Anywhere, any time.

Flat LogoComputerized Daily Book

Everything you need to maximize profits at a C-Store and make your life easier as a business operator. From controlling your inventory, to accounting, to multi-site management, the CDB integrates with your Point-of-Sale and is flexible enough to work anywhere.

Flat LogoCentral Price Book

Central Price Book lets you control prices, margins, and promotions from a single location. For regional experimenters and corporate masterminds alike, CPB is the time-tested solution for centeralized pricing.

servicesOther Services

SSCS' most frequent other services include Point-to-Point conversions (moving clients from one POS to another), upgrades, license transfers, and sales of additional handheld devices to our clients.

sscs products

Put simply, the CDB is a full-scale C-store management package. The CDB, together with its partner applications Transaction Analysis and Central Price Book, greatly enhance your control over your business operations. While Central Price Book comes packaged with the CDB, Transaction Analysis is a powerful standalone application. Used regularly, Transaction Analysis helps you intercept suspicious activity at the register, optimize your food service scheduling and store staffing according to sales, and monitor the success of your promotions.

SSCS applications are priced competitively with similar products on the market. Because pricing varies based on purchase quantity, training and installation packages, and included hardware, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to call Sales at (800) 972-7727.