How Profitable Are Your Promotions?

Promotions can generate store traffic, serving as a tremendous source of profitability, but if they aren't working they can cost you. The key to a successful promotion is accurately analyzing how much it improved an item's sales, or the sales of related items, and how much offering a discount is affecting your store's profitability. The Promotions report in Transaction Analysis displays all the key criteria you need to measure a promotion's effectiveness and the length of time it should run. This module provides:

  • A sortable table of all promotions going through your POS for any timeframe.
  • The quantity of each type of promoted item that has been sold.
  • The full retail amount of what you would have received with no discount.
  • The total dollar amount discounted for each type of item.
  • The percent discount offered for each item type.
  • The sale amount you received for each type of promoted item.
  • Totals for all these categories for the timeframe that you've analyzed.

The sample Promotions Report below displays promotion activity at 19 sites for a timeframe of one month.

Transaction Analysis Monitoring Promotionss

With this information at their fingertips, Transaction Analysis users are able to make much more astute decisions about which promotions to continue and discontinue.