Central Price Book Cloud

Enterprise Price Control at your Fingertips.

Central Price Book extends the functionality of SSCS' Computerized Daily Book by providing cloud-based control over your enterprise price book from a single location. You can update and transfer prices throughout the enterprise, or to and from sites or zones you establish to segment stores by geography or any other pricing-based classification.

Protect Price Book Integrity.

Central Price Book works as a gatekeeper through which you can review price changes before allowing them in your master price book, whether those changes originate through a manual entry in the CDB, from vendors through EDI, or as part of a scanned store delivery.

Manage from Within the SSCS Cloud.

Central Price Book’s power and flexibility is rooted in its cloud-based infrastructure and ease of use. Users access Central Price Book through a secured part of the SSCS website, where the application can be launched from any computing device with a web browser and high-speed Internet connection.

Central Price Book, used in tandem with the Computerized Daily Book, allows you to:

  • Create enterprise-wide price changes by UPC/PLU, Vendor, Department, Subdepartment, Description, Pack Size, Margin, and List Price.
  • Send these prices to POS systems at sites and print new shelf tags.
  • Monitor who has changed prices at individual sites and create overrides or corrections.
  • Bundle sites into different zones and set prices according to zone.
  • Select a group of items from a vendor and assign them to another vendor with the click of a mouse.
  • View promotion results report to study the impact of promotion programs.

These capacities, and more, make Central Price Book a powerful tool for standardizing what you charge for items across an entire enterprise. Click on a subtopic below to learn more about Central Price Book.

Central Price Book is part of the Computerized Daily Book, SSCS' full scale C-store management package. Central Price Book integrates with the CDB, so that mass price changes that you create in Central Price Book are distributed both the CDB as well as all of your registers.

Central Price Book is used to monitor and modify prices at a multi-site level. It is essentially a price book built for a geographically dispersed business. The Computerized Daily Book, on the other hand, is used to manage all aspects of a C-store, including purchasing and selling, accounting, deliveries and inventory counts, and so on.

Central Price Book can send price changes to registers, interacting directly with technologies at your sites according to your instructions. Transaction Analysis also integrates with your registers, but Transaction Analysis is a passive monitoring program, designed to help you intercept problems with suspicious activity at the register and view sales statistics at a systematic level. Put simply, Central Price Book is made to modify prices, and Transaction Analysis to analyze transactions.