Custom Reporting

Delivering actionable information of specific benefit to franchise and MSO customers.

Every day SSCS technology processes millions of pieces of industry-related data sourced from the retail petroleum businesses of which our customer base is composed. These kernels of information, when taken together and given proper context, form a detailed mosaic of the industry and its nuances. Given it’s real-time nature, it evolves even as the industry evolves.

Being stewards of this dynamic aggregation of data places SSCS is in a unique position to help our clients succeed; indeed, this is the information that forms the core of value inherent in our commerical products, Computerized Daily Book, Central Price Book, and Transaction Analysis.

Yet the usability of this data extends beyond our standard product set. Our corporate clients, for the most part large multi-site enterprises and franchises, often have their own custom analytic and reporting requirements. These call for data parsing, massaging, or conversions that provide efficiencies for or insights into their businesses they might not otherwise achieve. At SSCS we have the tools and expertise to help these companies extract the actionable information upon which they depend.

SSCS served as a consultant when we made the decision to upload data daily from our Computerized Daily Book back office system to our accounting software, Microsoft GP. We have been extremely successful with this transition, due in no small part to the dedication, knowledge, and innovation provided by the SSCS team. Our organization will be adding another store in the near future and we look forward to working with the team again.

Loxie Thompson
General Accounting Manager
Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures, Inc.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of what the professionals at SSCS can do to meet the unique needs of your organization, please call the sales department at (800) 972-7727 or e-mail them at We can have a conversation with you, get to the heart of your needs, and then work diligently to meet them.