SSCS provides a complete suite of training tools that compliment the classroom training our customers receive for our C-store software. Our goal is to make our products as easy to learn as possible, long after initial instruction is complete, so we provide videos, web-based help, interactive PDFs—even good old fashioned user's manuals. We do it because we are committed to providing the instructional methodology that comes closest to meeting the needs of the individual. Whatever works best for you, we've got you covered.

Our instructional materials are modular, too. Let's say you hire a new clerk, and he only needs to learn one thing (say, counting items with our handheld software and transmitting them to the cloud). Or perhaps you switch accountants, and your new accounting lady only needs to know how to interface with QuickBooks or Peachtree. In both cases, our modular video and educational materials make transitioning in new personnel a breeze, because they spend their (and your) precious time learning only what they need to learn.

If you are a customer, you can access our videos here, our user guides here, and our tips of the month here. Or, just click Customer Login on the main menu above.