SSCS online training options allow users to learn from the convenience of any computer with an internet connection. Using secure access, students connect to a server running a version of the specified software module. The SSCS instructor operates the specified programs remotely, guiding the audience through their features. Several types of web-based training are offered:

Advanced Training — Live, standardized, in-depth training for one or more attendees on key topics. We offer course material on 18 different subjects covering the topics our customers have expressed a deep desire to learn more about. This is a non-fee-based class and is limited to ten customers per session.

Knowledge Blocks — A one-on-one, fee-based training program that permits the customer to stay with the same trainer during a four-hour block of time. It is customized to fill specific gaps in an individual’s knowledge of SSCS technology. The four-hour block can be split into smaller pieces if the customer feels this is the best way to absorb the knowledge being presented.

Online Video Training — A self-guided instructional tour of the CDB back office system, video topic by video topic.