XTRA Oil Company

Keith Simas of XTRA Oil Company, headquartered in Alameda, California, was the third generation of his family to be involved in the petroleum business. His parents, Carol and Ted, owned XTRA Oil Company, and Keith was their operations manager. With ten C-stores around the San Francisco Bay, eight Shell and two independent, XTRA used a variety of POS systems, and had a diverse set of sites. Some were metropolitan, others along the freeway, and restaurants and car washes were parts of the picture, as well.

Simas chose the Computerized Daily Book because SSCS treated him, a small company, with as much concern as if he were a national chain, whereas the competitor didn’t even follow up after his visit. Moreover, the CDB proved easier to use and more exactly suited to his operations.

Simas integrated the CDB slowly into his family business. After initial implementation at a few sites, he said that “We noticed a difference in the stores using full CDB functions, and we know the figures from those stores are much more accurate.” He added, “The main benefit of the CDB for me as operations manager is in the day-to-day operations of my stores.” Using the CDB resulted in a much more efficient office, one in which he felt he had a more accurate, up-to-date knowledge of the business he was doing. He became confident that he knew exactly what was selling, and what wasn’t, and that he could make informed choices about what to stock, how much of it, and what to delete. He began using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with his major grocery supplier, and appreciated the ease and accuracy of this feature.

Payroll became much simpler, as well. He called the CDB’s payroll module “easy” to use, even in his 100 employee business, where payroll can be a complicated task.

He found the CDB’s reporting capabilities particularly useful, attesting that the reports are easy to run and understand. His favorites included the Underground Storage Tank report, a robust fuel inventory report, along with the Income and Expense report, which displays enterprise-wide income and expenses, over any timeframe.

Simas trained on the CDB in Salinas, CA, and he holds this approach in high regard. SSCS’ customer training capabilities, whether in the classroom, web, or with videos, often receive high praises from our customers, who have told us that they not only learn how to use our specific software applications, but also learn a great deal about how C-stores are managed.

Because of his admirable work ethic and attention to detail, Simas was able to greatly increase the efficiency and profitability of XTRA Oil Company through the use of the Computerized Daily Book.