Tee Jay Oil

Tejinder “T.J.” Grewal and Jagdeep “J.D.” Saran, of Tee Jay Oil, have been partners in the convenience store business since 1998. The brothers-in-law started with two convenience store locations in Oregon. In 2004 the men and their families took advantage of an expanded opportunity in Chandler, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. The hard-working, but fun-loving duo now own and operate eight Tee Jay Oil store locations and plan to add more.

The Computerized Daily Book back office system from SSCS allows T.J. and J.D. to carefully monitor and maintain control over their c-store network even as it has grown in size and complexity. The CDB provides the detailed inventory control required and helps ensure the enterprise continues to provide top-notch customer service, a high priority to the partners.

T.J. and J.D. moved to SSCS’s cloud-computing platform, Sunray, in 2002. With SSCS hosting and administrating their software through Sunray, the two men found they could leverage their time more effectively for the benefit of their business.

“With Sunray we can log into any of our store locations from anywhere with an Internet connection,” says T.J. “This gives us the chance to audit the work at the store level without having to drive to a specific location. This business requires so many hours of you that it’s important to use your time as efficiently as possible. We can offload some of the daily responsibilities to our store managers without losing the control we need to monitor a high cash flow business.”

SSCS has a fully dedicated support team whose sole job is to assist current customers with questions. The company staffs its own development team that works diligently to update the software and enhance its capabilities.

“The system has always given us a solid ‘backbone’ to gauge our profitability as we manage our way to grow our business,” J.D. states. “SSCS keeps us well-informed and up-to-date with new versions of its CDB software. Some of the most recent enhancements that we find useful include the ability to pro-gram promotions on our point-of-sale systems and several new reporting capabilities.”

Tee Jay Oil provides one more example of how CDB and Sunray cloud computing combine to add efficiencies to the modern c-store multi-site operation.