River Rock Tobacco and Fuel

Drivers heading up and down Interstate 5 just north of Arlington, Washington are noticing a brand new stop at Exit 210. It’s a destination where they can fill up their tanks, stock up on smokes, load up on drinks and snacks, and grab a quick bite to eat at a quick-serve restaurant.

River Rock Tobacco & Fuel is an impressive new 6,300 square foot convenience retail site with 16 fueling stations, owned and operated by the Stillaguamish Tribe. It uses the SSCS Computerized Daily Book back-office program to manage its daily accounting, track item-level inventory movement, manage margins and control pricing and promotions at their VeriFone Topaz POS terminals.

Michael Olguin, C-store director for the Stillaguamish Tribe, notes, “This is our third site with SSCS, so we were already using it to stay on top of our operations at our two smoke shops. It was a bit more challenging this time, because it marked the first time we had to manage fuel sales, a full inventory of grocery and beverages, and a full-service deli. SSCS was instrumental in getting us up-and-running in time for our grand opening.”

A key piece of River Rock Tobacco and Fuel’s successful launch was its utilization of the CDB’s Food Service Manager module in conjunction with the Mountain Fresh Deli food service program from Harbor Wholesale Foods. Bulk ingredients delivered by Harbor Wholesale are received through Electronic Data Interchange into the CDB, where they are portioned out into the ingredients and Units of Measure used to create hot food PLU items at the Topaz terminal.

The component ingredients are allocated as cost-of-goods in the menu item to which they are linked, so it is easy to see food costs and set menu item pricing properly. Every time a food item is sold at the touch screen at the deli counter, the system updates the inventory of slices, ounces, cups, etc, of the ingredients that make up that item.

“We appreciate the care that SSCS put into making this work for us,” says Olguin. “There is no way we could have done this without the on-site training and support they provide, especially given that we were taking on all these new lines in our retail business. They are always courteous and professional and expert at what they do—an ideal partner.”

The next time you’re traveling between Seattle and the Canadian border, stop in at River Rock Tobacco & Fuel, grab a bite to eat, and see how a successful operation manages using SSCS.