Danville Marathon

Primarily an auto repair facility, Larry Waterman’s sprawling 8-bay business nonetheless needed additional help managing its C-store and fuel sales. He chose the Computerized Daily Book because it was the one program that could do everything he wanted. “This business runs on the Daily Book 100%,” said Larry, “all phases of our operation. We absolutely depend on it, and it absolutely delivers.”

The CDB helped Waterman make very important sales in several ways. Customer follow up was one. Larry could review customer histories and regularly send out reminder cards of maintenance due. Many customers followed advice on the card, and began coming in for oil changes or rotations.  While such services in themselves weren’t huge new sources of profitability, they did make customers feel like Waterman’s business was their home repair shop.

Waterman concluded that the CDB’s Vehicle History module was most important in servicing all of his return customers – especially his fleet customers. He was able to track each of the many vehicles in a fleet, and bring each in for regular maintenance. The process kept the work coming in and the fleet owner happy.

Being able to flag repairs for future follow up was another of Waterman’s favorite features. For instance, if a car came in for an oil change, and the mechanic noted other things that needed attention, those items could be flagged. Later follow-up cards could be sent reminding the customer that the vehicle might need attention. Because the CDB can track a vehicle through its vehicle ID, Waterman could maintain vehicle history even through ownership changes, and was able to make new owners new customers.

Another useful aspect of the program was its ability to share inventory between shop and C-store. For goods like oil and additives, sold in both halves of the business, this capability eliminated keeping two separate business inventories.

In the C-store itself, Waterman appreciated the ability to control items by subdepartment. He was able to change not only all prices at once in a department, like Cigarettes, for example. He was also able to select a specific part of a department, like “Marlboro Box Lights,” in order to modify inventory criteria.

Waterman was ultimately very pleased with the CDB and the service he received from SSCS. “The CDB helps me get customers and keep customers,” he said. “It helps me get them in and out smoothly, without a lot of paperwork. And it is invaluable in organizing all aspects of my business, gas, C-store and repair, saving me time and stress. The Daily Book has been a really useful investment.”