Point2Point Conversions

The Point to Point (or P2P) conversion service converts your point-of-sale (POS) price book file from one format to another, making your transition from one POS system to the next smooth, fast, and accurate. The price book resident in your old POS will transfer seamlessly to your new one. (Fuel brands are not a factor.)

SSCS has performed hundreds of Point to Point conversions and this experience has helped them develop and refine tools that allow us to perform this service seamlessly and faultlessly.

An SSCS Point to Point conversion is a fast, easy project that requires no travel or onsite technicians. The price for a Point to Point conversion is $600 per site. To schedule one, all you need to do is call our Sales Department at (800) 972-7727, let us know which POS you have been using, and which one you're transitioning to, and schedule the service.