Mix and Match Promotion

Promotion Programs Should be Easy.

SSCS users can simplify their promotions through the combined use of the CDB, and modern point-of-sale systems. This combination can recognize:

  • A combo promotion, consisting of a group of different items discounted when bought together.
  • A mix & match promotion, consisting of a group of similar items offered at a discount when bought together.

Promotions, and the conditions under which promotions are to be applied, (including start and finish dates), can be created, modified, deleted and transmitted to the POS using the CDB.

In addition to the benefits listed above, the CDB's multi-item promotion module offers the following advantages:

  • Easy set up and modification of promotions from any PC running the CDB, enabling pricing decisions to be made from anywhere.
  • Clear and accurate reporting that enables the user to determine the effectiveness of the promotion.
  • Enhanced inventory control, as each item sold in the promotion is recorded accurately; adjustments do not have to be made after the fact, reducing human error and increasing the accuracy of line item sales reports.