Modify Enterprise Pricing Information from One Master Screen 

Costs and expenses are always changing at the modern C-store. Vendors adjust item costs unexpectedly, tax and redemption laws change when you least expect them to, and sales patterns defy forecasting.

Central Price Book's Item Adjustment module helps you deal with pricing challenges from a single screen, so that you can ensure your items are priced to remain profitable. Item Adjustment allows you to make group changes to items, and distribute these changes to the sites you designate. Item adjustment also allows you to:

  • Create complex price changes quickly and easily, distributing these to all applicable sites.
  • Set up Item Groups to use with multi-item (mix-and-match) promotions.
  • Switch vendors from whom you purchase various selections of items in order to get the best price possible.
  • Determine minimum and maximum quantities of items so you know when to reorder them.
  • Select a specific site or sites to which the item adjustments will apply.

The graphic below shows the Item Adjustment screen, filtering for all items with a description that includes "Marl," in preparation for changing pricing information on the items that fall within the criteria.

Central Price Book Item Adjustment