Leverage SSCS Technology to Improve Your Processes and Increase Profitability.

Designed by towing professionals who live and breathe the industry, Digital Dispatch is full-featured towing software that combines the power of automation with the way you do work, from call to club tag reconciliation, providing time savings and added value to tow operations on a daily basis. Digital Dispatch lets you:

  • Dispatch calls from multiple locations.
  • Dispatch calls with the click of a mouse to D2ME units, cell phones, and more.
  • Save hours on employee payroll processing.
  • Handle shop calls and Club calls with the same system.
  • View and dispatch calls from anywhere on the Internet, even at home.
  • Empower your drivers to update calls in real time.
  • Analyze your business from every possible angle with comprehensive management reporting.
  • Get storage lot management and driver scheduling for no extra cost.
  • Manage battery inventory precisely.

Service Profiles

Use Digital Dispatch to automate the application of services and charges with this exciting feature. Apply a bundle of services to a call with a single mouse click or let Digital Dispatch recommend services for the call based on your preferences. Either way, you save time and improve billing consistency.

“Digital Dispatch allows your tow company to automate call taking, dispatching, daily and monthly billing, and inventory control. I would highly recommend Digital Dispatch to everyone. The software has allowed our towing operation to grow and be more efficient.”

— Mark Tornow, Finish Line Towing and Transport
Long Beach, California

Digital Dispatch is a AAA Automotive Preferred Supplier and a partner of TomTom Telematics.