SSCS's uniquely American success plays out against a uniquely American backdrop, Salinas, California, an agricultural capital that serves as salad bowl to the world and is immortalized in John Steinbeck's fiction. You may not find amber waves of grain here, but you'll find spacious skies, lettuce fields, rows of artichokes and strawberries, and a rich cultural tradition that respects the legacy of the past, but never stops looking forward.

The land surrounding SSCS headquarters in the Salinas Valley is rich and fertile. It allows our employees to retain a connection with the land that's a source of nourishment for so many and keeps us grounded even as we create technologies that will help our customers thrive in the years to come. Living here gives us a balanced perspective, reminding us daily that the basics never go out of style: commitment to fair and sound business practices, treating our customers as we would want to be treated, working hard to take care of our families. We believe this blend of sensibilities distinguishes us in the market and gives us the perspective upon which our success is founded.

Visit the Area with Us

Not only is Salinas a destination in its own right, it also just happens to be adjacent to the Monterey Peninsula, a landscape renowned for its beauty, singularity, and deep historical footprint. The area is home to such globally renowned destinations as Monterey, the first capital of California, Carmel-by-the-Sea, a storybook village nestled in its own little corner of the real world, and Pacific Grove, voted the most romantic town in the United States. It's a nice fringe benefit to those who work at SSCS, and from time to time our creative team gets the chance to assemble some memories to share with our customers and other visitors to the SSCS site. Click a city name below to take a photographic tour of some of the best spots the Peninsula has to offer. We'll keep adding more locations in the weeks to come.