Born Out of the Industry That We Serve.

Our software company got started in 1981 when the CEO, a multi-site petroleum retailer, realized he needed an automated solution to control his rapidly growing business. The software that he and his development staff engineered was useful enough that other progressive service station owners took an interest, and before long a software company was born. SSCS has a rare perspective, because we're a software company built by a real petroleum retailer, and from the beginning, our unique understanding of the industry has helped us connect with our customers and address their needs.

Consistency and Stability You Can Depend On.

SSCS was founded in Salinas, California, where it's still headquartered today. Though we've experienced significant growth over the decades and extended our reach across the globe, we remain grounded in the community that supports us. Our employees tend to set down roots here: seventy percent of us have been here 5 years or more; 50 percent, 10 years or more; and 30 percent, 15 years or more. You don't often find this consistency and stability in the high tech industry. The long tenure of our staff members helps the quality and speed of our software's development, the expertise of our technical support, and the caliber of our training and documentation.

A Sum Greater Than Its Parts.

It's very common, in today's business environment, for a company's departments to set up shop thousands of miles away from each other. SSCS has committed to the opposite approach: keeping our professionals together under one roof. When the development, technical support, quality assurance, sales, and documentation departments are physically close to each other, we can share information easily, "wander the aisles" to get the answers we need, hash out gray areas of product design, or gather around someone's desk to solve a customer's technical issue.

Customer Referrals Tell the Story

Customer referrals have accounted for more than half of our business over the years. The most effective marketing method we've encountered to date, referrals speak volumes to the positive reputation we've fostered across our customer base, from small, single c-store operators, to some of the largest oil companies in the world. You can read what our customers have to say about us, in their own words, on our website’s testimonials page as well as the many C-store success stories in which SSCS has played a part. When you form a lasting connection with your customers, good outcomes tend to follow.