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The Gold Standard for Industry Support

The SSCS support department is a cornerstone of the company, a key contributor to SSCS’s outstanding reputation among its customer base and throughout the retail and wholesale petroleum industry. Our approach to customer care is personal—its scope exceeds the industry norm.

A Personal Connection

Our support department builds customer relationships from the first day we send a training and installation team to the facility. This on-site team, which includes technicians from our support department, makes a face-to-face connection with c-store and other personnel that they develop and continue for years to come. Our team helps customers set up their computer software and performs additional required tasks such as scanning merchandise on the shelves into CDBWin’s inventory management module. Backing our on-site team is headquarters support, which provides several days of phone follow-up to ensure our customers get off to the right start.

The personal touch continues long after the customer is up-and-running. Callers are never trapped in excessively long call queues. Every effort is made to ensure the customer’s first contact is a live voice, not a recorded message. Technicians address and resolve problems quickly, almost always within hours of the initial phone call. It’s an important way to demonstrate what a strong team our customers have behind them.

We Know Your Business

Our support technicians are committed and tenured—here for the long run. Over time they get to know our customers and their businesses. This familiarity proves invaluable when a quick solution to a critical problem is needed. Since we know the basics we can jump right in to address the heart of the matter. Our impressive suite of support tools, including remote access to the customer’s computer when an in-depth analysis of their system is required, helps assure we locate, identify and solve the most complicated problems. Our customers find this is a refreshing change from what all too often passes as “support” these days: an anonymous voice you may never hear from again reading from a script that won’t address your concerns. That’s never an issue at SSCS because we pay attention to the details of your business. We work with you to get to the bottom of the issues you face.

Continuous Improvement

SSCS support technicians work to master a range of skills: system installation, software maintenance, training, Point 2 Point conversions and many other functions that relate to customer needs. Collectively they are well-versed in all SSCS products, and enroll in continuous internal education to make sure they improve their knowledge of the complete cross-section of SSCS solutions. Just as the solutions we provide to our customers are always evolving, so is the expertise of our customer service department. In the fast-paced world of technology where nothing stands still, we have made re-educating our technicians a top priority.

SSCS offers technical support Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time.  Limited network support is available on the weekends.

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