Digital Dispatch

Digital Dispatch Towing SoftwareDesigned by towing professionals who live and breathe the industry, Digital Dispatch is full-featured towing software that combines the power of automation with the way you do work, providing time savings and added value to tow operations on a daily basis. Digital Dispatch’s key features and benefits include:

  • Dispatch calls to D2ME units, cell phones and more with the click of a mouse.
  • Handle shop calls and AAA calls with the same system.
  • View and dispatch calls from anywhere on the Internet, even at home.
  • Empower your drivers to update calls in real time.
  • Analyze your business from every possible angle with comprehensive management reporting.
  • Get storage lot management and driver scheduling for no extra cost.

Towing Software

Click here for a self-guided demonstration of Digital Dispatch (IE only).

D/2000 and D3 Interfaces for AAA Stations

SSCS has teamed up with AAA to offer an interface to D/2000 and D3, AAA’s proprietary tow call management software. To find out more about this exciting product, click here.

Service Profiles

Use Digital Dispatch to automate the application of services and charges with this exciting new feature. Apply a bundle of services to a call with a single mouse click or let Digital Dispatch recommend services for the call based on your preferences. Either way, you save time and improve billing consistency.

Battery Program

The SSCS Battery Program leverages the power of SSCS’s CDBWin and Digital Dispatch software to streamline the management of battery inventory. It works like this:

  • The daily transfer of batteries from the warehouse to each individual truck is captured and monitored in SSCS’s back office solution, CDBWin. When a battery is sold off of a truck, the transaction is recorded in Digital Dispatch and posted using CDBWin so that inventory is updated when the transaction is posted to CDBWin.
  • As this kind of activity is being recorded, CDBWin’s reporting capabilities allow you to monitor sales activity, providing a historical trail that allows you to see sales over time so you can make better purchasing decisions.
  • Once battery sales and activity are posted for the day, reorders specific to each battery type—based on inventory movement recorded in CDBWin—can be built and electronically submitted to the contractor.

Digital Dispatch is a AAA Automotive Preferred Supplier and a partner of TomTom Business Solutions.