Comdata Trendar MultiDESQ/SmartDESQ

The T‐Poll Interface can retrieve fuel and nonfuel sales, A/R sales, billing company and payment method data generated by the MultiDESQʹs shift reports or SmartDESQ’s day reports.

Once polled, the data can be posted to the Computerized Daily Book™, the most complete c-store daily book program in the industry, or the data may be retrieved in ASCII file format to be used with other applications.

Volume and money totals reports are among the information that can be polled.  The program may be configured to enable the polling process to take place automatically, allowing unattended polling.

SSCS Back Office Works with the Comdata SmartDesqThe data can be passed between the POS system and PC on-site using local area networking or off-site using the Internet with Sunray ASP.  Information can be received instantly.

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